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  • Exists to teach youth the basics of horsemanship

  • The importance of having a strong work ethic

  • The love of Jesus Christ

  • Children are encouraged to be themselves and to interact and work with horses

  • Serves all children and adults from seven years old and up. Whether the child has emotional, mental, or physical disadvantages, or simply desires to have access to a horse, they are welcome at Heartland Youth Ranch

  • Our focus is not to train expert riders, but is really about letting children enjoy the human-horse relationship by learning the responsibilities of caring for a horse, doing ranch chores, and having fun

  • We believe that horses enrich our lives and can instill characteristics such as self-confidence, empowerment, leadership, faith, and trust

  • A horse's unconditional love looks past all of our faults and shortcomings. Horses don't judge you and will love you no matter who you are or where you come from. 

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